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Régions du monde > New England > plymouth adventure
plymouth adventure
Published by EF041008 on 2008/10/23

This film, based on the novel of Ernest Gebler, has been directed by Clarence Brown and released in 1952. Clarence Brown is a well known director who did several films between 1927 and 1937 with la Divine Greta Garbo ("Flesh and the Devil", "Inspiration" and "Conquest"). The Plymouth Adventure is one of his last film.

It is an adventure drama and a period film, starring: Spencer Tracy, Gene Tierney, Leo Glenn, Van Johnson.

It is the story of the voyage of the Mayflower across the ocean. During the travel, Captain Jones ( S.Tracy) falls in love with Dorothy Bradford ( G.Tierney). Jone is described as a
cynic and stubborn man...

Released in 1952 by MGM, he did not huge success but obtain the Oscar awards of the best Special Effects

Article written with the contribution of William Falsanisi

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